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Ordering & Shipping

Q: If I order today, when will my order ship?

A: Depending on order volume, orders for items that are in stock placed before 2 PM central time, will normally ship the same day or next business day.

Note: Order volume has been very high and production times can extend your delivery time. Contact us directly for current delivery estimates.

Q: What does “in process” mean on my order?

A: You may see several status reports when referring to a recent order with DSG – In Process, Shipping, Complete, or Shipped. These are helpful customer insight tools that you may use to track the progress of your order through DSG. If your order shows “in-process” overnight or for more than 24 hours, it’s usually an indication you’ve ordered something that was on backorder. When we ship the item, the order status will update to say, “Complete.”

Q: How do you charge credit cards when orders are placed? (How the banks or card issuers treat these transactions.)

A: Orders placed on with a credit card payment are ‘authorized’ for the amount of the order when the customer submits the order. This authorization tells our system that the card is good and that the funds are available for us to complete the order when we are ready. At this point, no funds are given to DSG for the order. The card issuer has only told us that we can proceed if we choose to.

Later, when the order is completed, our system processes or ‘captures’ the amount of the order, and then the processor requests payment from your card issuer/bank, and eventually, DSG receives the funds.

Q: What is the ETA on my item?

A: Contact us directly for an estimate of any items that are delayed.

Q: How do I know if my order has shipped?

A: Tracking information is provided at the time of shipment. You will be emailed tracking information once your order has been packed. Please note: The tracking number for your order is the bottom line of the invoice email that we send when your order ships.

Q: Can you explain your warranty?

A: Products offered and sold under the DSG Brand have a limited lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it. Normal wear and tear issues are excluded from our warranty. 

Q. Do you charge a fee to use credit cards?

A. No credit card fees are charged.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is quoted as a flat rate when you checkout. Shipping for large or contract orders will be part of your quote when you contact our sales staff.

Q: When will my RMA be processed?

A: Returns are usually processed the next buiness day after they are received. Please allow 24-48 hours.


DSG Inc/DSG Arms reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

If we believe an order to be fraudulent, we will attempt to contact you and verify that it is not.
If we are unable to do so, the order will be cancelled. 

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